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Renew Membership Dues

Renewal Closed at this Time

Fill out a Membership Application if you Missed the Renewal Deadline


  • There is only one renewal option of $45 which is standard dues for each renewing member. Please fill in all information required in the appropriate fields that follow. There is also a Scholarship Fund donation field towards the middle of the webpage, don’t forget to contribute if you wish to do so!
  • There is an option to renew multiple registrants at once. When all of the first individuals information is input click the “ADD REGISTRANT” button to add additional names to the online form.
  • Please do not use the "Renew" link above for new ASHE members!! Please do not use the “ADD REGISTRANT” button for new ASHE members!! New members should fill out the application located here and follow the mailing and payment instructions.
  • Once all of the renewals information is input, proceed to the Billing Information section to enter in your payment information. After that hit submit and you are all set!
  • Dues must be received by September 1 each year in order to remain on the chapter roster. To be reinstated after this date a member must re-apply and submit a new application to the ASHE Harrisburg Board of Directors with a $90 payment.
  • If you have any questions concerning the dues renewal process, please contact Nicholas Vereb, ASHE Section Administrator, by email

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